There are several projects made for the development of tribes and tribal areas of the state. But in different cases it seems meaningless as the people of tribal areas are struggling for the basic requirements. And most of the time they suffer for the ignorance of administration. One such incident is seen at Malkanagiri, where a school was running in a dilapidated condition, and it collapsed. And currently it is running in the hostel building which is also in danger condition.

A school at Mudulipada in Bondaghat of Malkangiri district was running in a building of asbestos roof and leaky wall. After the asbestos roof collapsed, students started having their classes in their hostel rooms. But those rooms are also not found well maintained or in good condition. Like these rooms are also with dripping roofs, leaky walls and water seeping in through the floor, so their dingy wet hostel is no better than their class rooms.

Not only the building issues but also students are facing difficulties in getting water as the only tube-well on the school premises is defunct.

So regarding all the issues higher-ups in the education department have been informed many times, still no steps have been taken yet to resolve the issue and reconstruct the building again or provide minimum infrastructure.

But recently Malkanagiri sub-collector assured that the repair work of the school will be carried out soon.

Also he said, ‘Funds have been already sanctioned under the Biju KBK Yojanaor repair work of the Mudulipada School and its hostel. The concerned department has been sent a proposal for approval”


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